The Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Foundation exists in order to strengthen our local community through investments in parks and recreational activities for people of all ages. We are committed to investing time and resources into community parks, green space, and the recreational environment as well as programs to promote a healthy, thriving city; supporting mind, body and community.

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Help us build a Miracle League Field in Vestavia Hills.

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  • The Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Foundation is formed with the sole purpose of improving facilities and programs to improve life for the families of Vestavia Hills. Since 2013, I have had the honor and pleasure of being part of this Foundation Board and been able to see the efforts, time, and dedication that is required to complete civic projects and the contribution of the parks and recreation facilities to the quality of life to our citizens. It’s been an honor and an education to work alongside my fellow Board members and with the City government and employees.

    Bob Elliott
  • I was excited for the opportunity to join the foundation because I saw first-hand how nice our parks could be as I watched the Sicard Hollow Complex come out of the ground. My son had the opportunity to compete there and both of our girls cheered there. When our Community comes together as one, we can be best in class in all things including our parks.

    Jeff Lee
  • The VHPRF is about contribution and investment. Contribution’s from folks that love Vestavia and desire to see it enhanced and improved for the betterment of our Community. Investment in parks, sports, recreation and green space to see new venues and improve the old. While private monies are raised & used; we work hand-in-hand with the City Council and Park & Rec Board to advance the amenity of recreation. It’s a blessing to serve, give and invest in our City and its future.

    Jordy Henson
  • As a realtor, I have learned that buyers are looking to purchase a home in a community that is constantly improving- one that evaluates the needs of its members and then finds the resources to meet those needs. Green space and access to recreation programs are strong selling points for most buyers. The Parks Foundation not only supports this goal but is here as a vehicle for our community to achieve it as well. My children have directly benefitted from the improvements that the Foundation has supported such as the new football field at the SHAC and the improvements to the baseball fields at Wald Park. My hope is that we can continue to constantly improve all fields, parks and trails for us all to enjoy.

    Amy Lawson
  • Since moving here in 2004, our family has participated, at one time or another, in almost all of the recreational activities offered by our wonderful city. It was an inviting way to get involved and to meet other families. As such, I have chosen to serve on the Foundation Board in order to continue this legacy of excellent parks and recreational programs so that our future families have the same opportunities that my family has enjoyed.

    Susan Compton

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